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John Kamman just got here today and we are playing lots of music in betweeen sightseeing in preparation for next Wednesday night's big gig at the Basement. I'm so pleased the album has received some exposure. Read the review in Jazz and Beyond. And see you next Wednesday night!

... - posted September 21, 2006.

Can't believe how fun our last gig was. Hard to believe it was over in a couple of hours and can't wait to play there again. Next up I have a couple of engagements in August and a big night at the Basement in September. John Kamman, awesome guitarist from USA, and great friend is coming down under to join us for some a series of gigs in the Sydney area.

... - posted August 1st, 2006.

I just got back from one hell of a week at Jazz Camp West in the woods in California. We had an extraordinary experience singing and playing music for 8 days with 300 other jazz lovers. The highlight was studying with Sheila Jordan, a magnificent jazz musician and a real inspiration. Next week, I'll be back at Bar Me with a new trio! Nick Southcott on piano, Steve Ley on drums and Merv Sequoira on bass. These guys are young and totally awesome musicians. It will be a treat!

... - posted July 19th, 2006.

Hitoshi Kawai will be appearing in duo with me at the Vanguard next week. I have been working hard to keep Hitoshi, the most talented blues guitarist ever, to stay in Sydney a wee bit longer. We've been working on a lot of blues roots and country stuff which have been particularly inspiring for me lately and Hitoshi plays that stuff like he invented it. And of course, the guitar voice duo really is my favorite and most comfortable format to work in. All this began when I first saw Tuck and Patti (they are my heros) perform in Washington many years ago and that made me realize just how powerful voice and guitar could be when the two are completely in sync.

... - posted May 26th, 2006.

There are so many things happening! I'm working on an all new repertoire, melding jazz standards with country and blues with a touch of German caberet. But more on that later. I will be at The Vanguard supporting King Curly's album launch on Friday June 2nd. King Curly's music is excellent and I'm absolutely thrilled about playing at The Vanguard.

... - posted May 8th, 2006.

Last week we had a full house at Bar Me both Thursday and Saturday nights, and moreover, we had to turn away lots of people at the door because we were completely booked out. Thanks to all the sweet and lovely people who came to support live jazz. And we will be doing more shows in Sydney, maybe even slip in one more before Hitoshi leaves us beginning of June.

... - posted May 4th, 2006.

Our next gigs at Bar Me are next week!! I am very sad that Hitoshi Kawai, our very talented guitarist, has decided to go back to Japan in a couple of months. Just when we have started to do very creative musical things together. Dont miss one of the last major gigs for Hitoshi in Sydney next week at Bar Me, Otherwise, you'll be catching him in the jazz clubs of Tokyo.

... - posted April 19th, 2006.

Rehearsals are in the works for the next set of shows at Bar Me! Together with the Halls Kawai band, we are presenting two evenings of brand new interpretations of jazz, blues and country. Book early, we are expecting a full house!

... - posted March 21st, 2006.

After a month traveling in South East Asia, it was great to come back to a fabulous gig full of the best musicians in Sydney at Steve Morrison's album launch. The Basement is a first class venue to perform in and the audience was awesome. See a few photos here.

... - posted March 10th, 2006.

I am honoured to be performing at Steve Morrison's album launch at the Basement on Wednesday, March 8. It promises to be a night jam packed with the best musos in town. Can't wait.

... - posted February 4th, 2006.

We had an incredible night at Bar Me last night. It was a completely full house with a really long waiting list to get in. I was blown away seeing all my friends and their friends from the stage. The Halls Kawai band was fantastic, and Hitoshi Kawai's solos were spectacular. I think everyone enjoyed also the atmosphere and food at Bar Me. Stay tuned for the photos as well as sound bytes of the evening and dates for future gigs.

... - posted February 3rd, 2006.

Preparations are underway for a great night at Bar Me in Kings Cross, Sydney. This will be my first major show in Sydney after returning to Australia October 2005. I've had the best fun rehearsing with the Halls Kawai band whose members I met only recently. For the evening, we will be playing a selection of songs from my CD Liking You Liking Me as well as a really cool set of lesser known jazz / blues / bossanova standards. Even though there's still a few days before the gig, we are almost 80% booked out. Very exciting as I know all my friends are dragging all of their friends along too. It promises to be just a super fun night.

... - posted January 29, 2006.

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